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Wholesale Natural Sisal Bath Pouf Loofah

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Do you want to have healthy, radiant skin? How about a high quality exfoliator that provides many ever-lasting lathers while you enjoy a relaxing shower? Girl, an eco-friendly natural fiber sisal loofah is EXACTLY your answer! With the added benefit of a soft, yet tough wear-and-tear-resistant formulated thread, our loofah bath sponge is top in exfoliation when maintaining your skins health.


You deserve the BEST exfoliating loofah for your skin without using an inch of a plastic net. Did you know that you have to change out your loofah every three months? You can only imagine how many plastic loofahs are floating around the ocean as you're reading this. Now, this loofah is made from sisal thread which is derived from the Mexican Agave plant. It provides a better lather, smooth exfoliation properties for special skin and best of all it is 100% biodegradable. You no longer have to feel guilty about throwing away your plastic loofah when you replace it with a better alternative!

  • BIGGER SIZE: Upgraded to a dimension measurement of 6” to easily reach your entire back!
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of 100% natural fiber sisal. As one of the most used fibers in the world, sisal is tough, wear-and-tear-resistant. 
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: By adopting a new  knotting technique, every bath sponge core is extremely firm and durable. They can also be easily hung and stored, saving space and drying quickly.
  • PROPER EXFOLIATION: Seeing as this bathing poof is handmade, it easily creates a rich quality foam. Providing you with a proper cleanse through peeling exfoliation to release dead skin cells.
  • DAILY USE: Suitable for all skin types and will not irritate or damage the skin. Works best with shower gels, soap bars and cleansing lotions. 

Size: 6” bathing poof w/ 8” lanyard

Material: 100% natural fiber sisal

Includes: 1x Bathing Pouf Shower Loofah

Genova Co is 100% cruelty free. 


① Before use soak in water to make the fabric soft and delicate.
② Pour your preferred liquid soap onto the damp pouf or rub the pouf on a bar of soap.
③ Use the lathered bathing pouf on all parts of body except for the facial area.
④ Rinse off soap from your body and pouf. Once rinsed, hang the pouf to dry in the shower or outside or to prevent mold growth.
Friendly reminders:
  •  Before use soak in water to make the fabric soft and delicate.
  • Wash it after use, dry in a ventilated place or in the sun.
  • Can be sanitized in a washing machine.
  • It's best to change out the pouf every every 3 months.


"I wanted to ensure the health of our world in every way possible. Nobody really thinks about how to make bath time more eco-friendly, and I want to make sure your bathroom will be as green as possible starting with this sisal derived loofah. Plus, this loofah is way more aesthetically pleasing than those plastic ones at Walmart."