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Wholesale Dry Brush with Natural Bristles

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Artisanal made with all natural bristles, this dry brush can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles. Included with this brush is a hemp bag to protect the brush's bristles and keep dead skin from getting all over your bathroom.
Dry Brushing has been a common method used in Asia for centuries. It not only stimulates blood flow, but also stimulated cell-turnover causing an increase in collagen. 

Intended use on your body only! Not suitable as facial treatment.


1. Lightly push the Dry Brush against the skin while working towards your heart. (Example, brush from your fingertips to your shoulder then shoulder to chest)

2. After going over all areas of the body, wash the brush's bristles by rinsing off the dead skin with warm water.

3. Jump in the shower and practice your usual cleansing routine to wash off any remaining dead skin cells and hydrate your body's skin after exfoliation.


"I honestly thought of my mother when I felt inspired to introduce this product. It's heartbreaking seeing a parent get older with time. I started to research simple ways to slow down the process of aging when I came across this traditional method. Dry brushing is a guaranteed way of reversing the effects of aging and I wanted to make sure every one has access to this amazing tool."