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4 in 1 Sonic Silicone Face Brush

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This is a cleansing and renewing skin instrument that combines positive and negative ions, EMS microcurrent, warmth, micro vibration, and phototherapy.

  • Positive and negative ions: The active ionic component in skin care products will become enhanced to double the absorption rate of skin care products.
  • EMS microcurrent: Massages muscles, restores elasticity and promotes collagen production.
  • Heating: Warming promotes absorption, and gives the skin a fuller look.
  • Micro-vibration: Increases the elasticity in the skin and enhances the metabolism of skin cells.
  • Phototherapy: Blue light fully sanitizes the skin and eliminates acne causing bacteria. Red light promotes collagen production and fights wrinkles, dark spots, and discoloration. Purple light restores skin by treating acne and scars on the face.



4-in-1 SIlicone Face Brush  rejuvenates skin through a combination of multiple functions for a comprehensive skincare experience: positive and negative ions, EMS microcurrent, heating, micro-vibration, and phototherapy. 

Positive and negative ions work together to enhance the absorption of skincare products, effectively penetrating the skin and increasing their effectiveness. Positive ions aid in deep cleansing by drawing out impurities with the help of makeup remover, while negative ions facilitate the infusion of nourishing skincare products into the deeper layers of the skin, providing protection and care. 

EMS microcurrent stimulates and massages the muscles, restoring their elasticity and promoting the production of ATP, a crucial element for collagen synthesis within the dermis. 

Heating gently warms the skin, improving product absorption and giving the skin a fuller and more radiant appearance. 

Micro-vibration utilizes mechanical and electronic stimulation to tighten the skin, boosting its elasticity and enhancing the metabolism of skin cells.

Phototherapy has been scientifically proven to improve many types of skin impurities. Blue light works wonders in refining the skin's surface, leaving it smooth and purified by eliminating acne-causing bacteria during the initial cleansing phase. Red light, on the other hand, fosters collagen production and effectively combats wrinkles, dark spots, and discoloration. Meanwhile, the soothing purple light restores the skin's elasticity and radiance while proving highly effective in treating facial acne and scars.

  • HEAT SETTING ON THE FACE BRUSH: Turn on the heating setting and roll your products into your face to ensure extra absorption of your facial products. This device will feel like you are getting the best spa treatment! The heating and vibration options are a great additions for facial masks, serums, exfoliants and creams. The warmth from the brush can relax, calm and rejuvenate your body and mind
  • A FULL-SPECTRUM FACIAL TREATMENT: This facial brush puts the power of light therapy in your hands, with 4 targeted photo facials in one at-home device. This is a cleansing, revitalizing skin instrument , which puts many functions in one, positive and negative ions+EMS microcurrent+heating+micro vibration+photo-therapy.
  • 4 DIFFERENT VIBRATION MODES: Experimenting with your preferences can help you to find out which intensity you like best. This constant temperature cleanser brush combines 4 different light therapy options and 4 vibration modes. Discover each pattern over and over again, Imagine stepping out of your home each day, with beautiful glowing skin feeling like you just left the world’s most luxurious spa.
  • SOFTER SILICONE TOUCHPOINTS : Your skin needs gentle skin care that does not damage or irritate. Your skin should be thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, reduce pore size and erase fine lines. This body-safe silicone with unique sonic-wave vibrating on the skin gently slides on to perfectly fit the contours of the face
  • 100% WATERPROOF: This facial cleansing brush is completely waterproof, offering more fun options and deep cleansing. Enjoy yourself in the shower and bathtub. You will enjoy the long battery life. This product can be used continuously for 20 days with only 2 hours of full charging.


    Product Size: 36*66mm

    Product Net Weight: 95g

    Includes: One Machine, Manual and USB charging cable

    Battery: 600mAH

    Rated Voltage: 3.7V

    Rated Power: 4W

    Waterproof: IPx7


    ✓Positive and negative ions technology ✓Positive and negative ions technology ✓Positive and negative ions technology ✓Positive and negative ions technology
    ✓Phototherapy ✓Phototherapy ✓Phototherapy ✓Phototherapy
    ✓Micro-vibration ✓Micro-vibration ✓Micro-vibration
    ✓EMS microcurrent ✓EMS microcurrent
    ✓Heating ✓Heating



    "Our heartfelt mission is to introduce a truly versatile product that effectively embraces your skincare routine. The profound science behind LED light therapy holds the most promising benefits, not only enhancing the effectiveness of your cherished skincare products but also addresses all the unique irregularities of your skin. My greatest desire is to make this extraordinary tool readily available to you, ensuring a path towards a stunningly radiant complexion, all without the burden of ridiculous costs for one-time treatments. Your skin's well-being and beauty are our utmost concern, and we're here to nurture your journey towards a glowing and confident you."